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Mar 19 2011

What should I do if my pet is stung by a bee?

It’s actually quite common that a pet is stung by a bee. The most common place that we see your pet (dogs mainly) stung is on the tongue or cheek after they foolishly chase and bite at them. Your treatment is much the same as if it were your own body. First, carefully look for and remove the stinger if it was left in place. Be careful here. Your wonderful friend can be scared and quite painful and may snap. The stinger should be nudged out, following the tract that it entered from.

For DOGS, I’d then recommend an antihistamine to help with the pain and inflammation. The most commonly used one is over the counter diphenhydramine (generic for benedryl). A dog, not a cat, can take 1mg of diphenhydramine per pound of pooch. A 25 pound dog takes 25mg by mouth up to three times daily. Cats are too hard to dose and can often have unwanted effects on antihistamines.

Last but not least, call us so that we can help with any problems.

Dr. Hart

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