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Dr. Cindy Barajas, DVM

Dr. Barajas has grown up in the Central Valley on a farm with goats, chickens, dogs, and cats. She also had a pet lamb named Panchito when she was little.  She loved them all so much. There was not a lot of access to animal care in her hometown and this inspired her to go into the veterinary field.  Now that she has graduated from veterinary school at UC Davis, she can bridge that gap.  Dr. Barajas began her veterinary career at Banfield taking care of little dogs and cats.  She has a little rescue dog named Mango and you can follow him on TikTok @adventuresofmangotango. She enjoys volleyball and softball. Dr. Barajas joined our team in June of 2022, and she is loving all the furry friends she is meeting.