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Dr. Samantha Ford

Dr. Sam Ford is the newest Veterinarian to join the wonderful team at Reagor Pet Hospital! Dr. Ford graduated vet school in 2017 from Iowa State University. Right after graduation, she and her husband, Trevor, moved to California. She started work at a busy small animal clinic that catered primarily to exotics and wildlife. She spent 3.5 years working there, learning from a variety of experienced exotic animal vets, as well as a board-certified avian specialist.

Dr. Ford has spent a large amount of time traveling to various wildlife clinics, zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries, and wildlife rehab centers all over the Americas, learning exotic animal medicine from some of the greatest experts in the field. She spent months gaining knowledge and experience on all aspects of medical treatment and management of a huge number of different tropical species.

Dr. Ford loves all animals, and will be happy to see any type of (non-venomous) critter you may have! She has a large amount of experience with many species of animals, and she is comfortable working with nearly any exotic animal (wild or domesticated) that may come in! Her absolute favorite groups to work with are aquatic animals (especially rays, sharks, and sea turtles) and reptiles (especially ball pythons and giant tortoises). Dr. Ford is comfortable with husbandry, medical treatment, and surgery for the majority of exotic animals commonly kept as pets.

In addition to Reagor, Dr. Ford is also the veterinarian for SeaQuest Folsom, a local zoo and aquarium. She manages the health and care of thousands of animals from hundreds of species, including two-toed sloths, an armadillo, small-clawed otters, capybaras, a toucan, various parrots, kookaburras, many turtles and tortoises, multiple types of lizards, freshwater and saltwater fish, axolotls, rays, sharks, eels, seahorses, and many more