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Kat Guevara

Kat was born in Germany and moved to US when she was 2 years old.  She lived with her Grandmother and Grandfather until her parents got out of the army.  After high school she went to UCDavis and studied human development and sexualities.  After graduating she decided to learn more about Animal Care and Sciences attending Carrington College Citrus Heights.  She loved working in elderly care, but desired a career in the veterinary field.

Kat started at Reagor Pet Hospital as an intern and we hired her full time as a Veterinary Technician.  Her 2 sisters and boyfriend are super excited for her,  her cat Spike not so much.  Although, he loves going on hikes with her, he does not like coming to the vet.

For fun she loves working in a winery on the weekends, going on hikes with her boyfriend and helping take care of two goofy dogs.  She loves Halloween and like Kermit the frog (her favorite animal) she likes the color Green. We are happy to have her in the Reagor Crew.