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Mireya Padilla

Hi my names Mireya Padilla. Growing up I’ve always had a strong passion for animals. Going  through all my old year books from elementary school to high school they are riddled with “I’m  going to be a vet when I grow up”. I have three dogs that I love very much, their names are  Yuffie who is a corgi mix, a chihuahua named crackers and my newest addition to my wolf pack is Finnegan he’s also a corgi mix.
    I’m currently attending American River College to get my bachelors in animal science and zoology,then later transferring to a vet school. My goal is to be a small and exotic veterinarian.
    Working here at Reagor has brought me so much joy. I love learning new things about veterinary medicine and makes me more excited to become a veterinarian some day.