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Sophie Xie

Sophie Xie’s journey of veterinary medicine sets its first step at Reagor Pet Hospital in summer of 2020. Sophie started off working as an intern at our hospital after receiving her B.S. from UC Davis in Animal Science with a specialization in Companion and Captive Animals. She is then trained as an veterinary assistant right here with the support of our professional and experienced crew. Technician appointments is where you will most likely meet her at. Sophie is actually born in Beijing, China. She is fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese. She came to the US in 2016 for college and met her two Shiba Inu boys Tomo and Haru, and two chinchilla girls Erin and Emily right here in California. As for now Sophie is trying her best to absorb knowledge and gain experience and give the best care to our patients here at Reagor.